Keep an eye on everything with video surveillance

Never miss a thing.

Our state-of-the-art video surveillance systems allow facility managers, IT staff and security teams in any industry to:

• Keep occupants and property safe
• Verify fire and intrusion/perimeter detection alarms
• Tighten access control
• Improve operational efficiency
• Meet compliance standards
• Improve asset tracking
• Prevent loss and shrinkage
• Deter vandalism and theft
• Reduce security expenses 

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Real-time intelligence and analytics


Place cameras almost anywhere

Proactive threat deterrence

Sound alarms in the event of a significant threat

Integrate with existing systems

Real-time verification

CSi is proud to be recognized as a 2019-2020 Genetec Unified Elite Partner.

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Are you using your Genetec Security System to its full potential?

The People Counting feature can be activated in several ways through use of Security Center Omnicast™, Genetec’s Video Management System and analytics.

If you have a camera installed at the entrance and exit of your building, it can count the people entering and leaving. When the pre-programmed limit is reached, a signal such as voice announcement or visual indicator will activate, or you can even automatically disable the entry motion detector that opens automatic doors.

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Keeping up with the events triggered by the growing number of doors, cameras, and sensors in your system is a full-time task. This can narrow your operators’ focus, making them lose sight of the broader situation.

The new Dashboard feature helps you keep track of the indicators that matter to you, all in one place. This means you can clearly see developing situations and take action before they become a problem.


The new Genetec Mobile app lets you access live camera, door, and automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) devices from the same screen. No need to switch between apps to get the information you need.

With live location tracking, built-in messaging, one-click video streaming and archive sharing, Genetec Mobile keeps staff and office operators in sync.

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Rely on insights and smart data to respond to what matters and automate everything else. Our suite of unified video analytics helps you understand the situation at hand, so you can react quicker and improve your daily operations.  Ensure full protection of your video, data, and communications. With at-rest and in-transit encryption, managed certificates, authenticated connectivity and automated anonymization of video streams, you can ensure privacy without sacrificing security.

What can we do to help?

Let CSi help with an on-site, free consultation of your security, life safety or communication system.  Our team of experts will work with you to assess your current system and provide recommendations and industry best practices to maximize your investment.

Video Surveillance in Allentown, PA

If you are looking for the best security camera installers in Allentown, PA or the surrounding areas, then CSi is the company you need. Video surveillance remains one of the most effective tools for providing reliable security. There are much more to video surveillance systems than security cameras; they also have monitoring and analytics tools that help you ensure your business is being properly protected and you are receiving the highest return on your investment.  To get the most out of your video surveillance system, trust the experts at CSi.

Keep Your Business Monitored With Video Surveillance Systems

CSi is a leading security solutions provider that serves Allentown, PA, Bethlehem, PA, Easton, PA, and the surrounding areas. For over four decades, we have devoted ourselves to mastering the latest in security technology, then individually tailoring our security solutions for each of our clients.  We can provide everything from installing security cameras, to intrusion detection and access control systems.

Our team is dedicated to realizing your greatest return on investment, like integrating security cameras in the most impactful locations for your business. To start, we can offer you a free estimate as well as our plan of action for integrating video surveillance into your existing security system.

We want to approach you as a partner in securing your business. The safety of your people and property is critical to us.


How Video Surveillance in Bethlehem PA Helps You

If you are on the fence about a large security camera installation project or investing in a few new security cameras, you should know of the many ways a high-quality video surveillance system can benefit your business.

  1. Do Away with Grainy Images
    Public perception of surveillance cameras isn’t great – we know that.  When you think of security camera footage, you likely think of grainy, low quality images.  How can you possibly identify an intruder or criminal if you can’t make out a single identifying feature?

Our security camera installation provides video surveillance with extremely high visual quality. Latest video surveillance technology allows for high definition, 1080p results, and some can sustain this high quality when zooming in on a faraway target. Security teams can easily depict an actual threat like a criminal from animals. In the event a crime occurs, they can easily playback the footage from the surveillance cameras and identify the culprit, as well as submit that footage to the proper authorities.

  1. Ward Off Criminal Activity
    The best place to have security camera installation performed is at key building entry points. When prospective criminals see surveillance cameras outside a door or window of your business in Allentown, PA, for example, they are less likely to commit a crime.

They know they are being watched and can be identified by the police. In this way, video surveillance can act as a deterrent for criminal activity. Our team can help you find the most effective locations for security camera installation to ensure criminals are warded off from your property.

  1. Catch Criminal Employees
    Occasionally a business experiences employee theft. Implementing a security camera can help catch those employees and save your business thousands of dollars.

In retail and restaurant settings, cameras that are placed by the registers are incredibly effective in crime deterrence. For other businesses like manufacturing facilities, hospitals, utility companies, or in government buildings and other key places where employees can steal high-value assets, information, and property, surveillance cameras can prevent employees from criminal acts.

  1. Protect Vulnerable Groups
    Video surveillance systems are an essential part of school security systems. Security cameras in hallways can help administrators ensure students are engaging appropriately, allowing them to stop instances of bullying or fights, or simply make sure students are getting to class on time.  It can also help school resource officers check unaccompanied visitors are going where they are supposed to and not wandering around the building.

In the schoolyard, security cameras can help students stay safe while they play and confirm no unwelcome or suspicious individuals are walking onto the property. After hours, security cameras can capture break-ins or other unwanted activity.

Security cameras in assisted living facilities or nursing homes help assure patient safety and proper treatment.  These video surveillance systems have an added layer of software security to protect HIPAA regulations and resident/patient confidentiality.

Hire Us For Professional Security Camera Installation

Surveillance allows your security team a broad view of your business in Allentown, PA, your facility in eastern Pennsylvania or your commercial property in New Jersey. They can easily watch the traffic through the business and locate any potential criminal activity. When you need surveillance, call CSi for installation. We’ll help you keep your business, employees, and visitors safe.

Besides being expert security camera installers, we also provide intrusion detection systems in Easton PA and are access control specialists in Bethlehem PA. In the greater Lehigh Valley and beyond, businesses of all sizes rely on CSi for all their security and communication system needs.