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Early Fire Detection is Critical to Life & Property

With an early-warning detection system, you can stop a potentially devastating fire.

NOTIFIER’s fire alarm systems respond rapidly and precisely to incipient fire signatures. At the same time, they reduce the incidence of nuisance alarms significantly.

The early-warning detection capabilities of NOTIFIER fire alarm systems use advanced sensors to test for four different fire warning signs. With the most intelligent fire alarm system on the market today, trust CSi and NOTIFIER by Honeywell to protect your most valuable assets.

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State-of-the-art Detecting Technology


Highly sensitive smoke and heat sensors that detect trouble at the earliest moment

Monitor the entire system from any remote location

Protect People & Valuable Assets

Intelligent Detection Technology
NOTIFIER alarm systems by Honeywell offer the most advanced smoke detection solutions on the market today.
Comprehensive and Highly Sensitive Detection
NOTIFIER’s smoke sensors can use up to four detection elements to more accurately identify fire conditions.
NOTIFIER’s Integrated Network
CSi installs the most scalable product line in the industry, protecting your facility with a centrally controlled portal.

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