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Scene from the air after a school bus fight showing a school bus a police car and an ambulance

Scene from the air after a school bus fight

We are working on a school bus project with a local school district. It made me curious, so I Googled “School Bus Fights.”

YouTube responded with “About 39,400,000.” I don’t know the percentage, but the majority of those videos are not official videos from the schools. They are cell phone videos taken by other students.

As I was marveling at the shear vastness of videos I started thinking about reasons that I would want to put cameras in buses if I were a decision maker in that role. Here are four off the top of my head:

  • Protect your students — it is a fact that cameras cut down on crime when installed in public areas, I would imagine the same would be true on school buses.
  • Protect your bus driver — in one of the videos I watched, the parents of the student who was beat up is suing the bus driver because he didn’t pull the bus over soon enough to stop the fight.
  • Protect your school district — after listing the bus driver in the law suit, I would imagine the parents would go after the school district, having your own video for court instead of a student’s cell phone video could be priceless.
  • Protect other drivers — I hate to think of all the repercussions that might arise should a bus driver have an accident due to being distracted by a fight behind him/her.

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