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Intrusion Detection Systems in Philadelphia

Trusted Door Monitoring Systems For Businesses


We take the complication out of finding the best security solution for your business and budget. Whether you would like to update your existing security equipment or if you would like to install a new, state-of-the art commercial security system, CSi is equipped to handle projects of all sizes. Here’s how perimeter detection security systems can benefit businesses in Philadelphia.

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What We Provide

As a CSi customer, you can expect our intrusion detection systems to provide the following:


 Maximum security and safety

Minimum cost of operation


Scalability & Flexibility

 Easy integration

Adaptability for future expansion of services

Perimeter Detection in Philadelphia Prevents Security Breaches

One of the greatest benefits of a CSi intrusion detection system is the prevention of criminal activity. Perimeter detection can be installed along the outermost points of your property, like fencing or exterior walls. The instant a criminal attempts to break through the barrier, your security team will be notified.

We can easily integrate our perimeter detection devices with existing security measures already in place. For example, adding new infrared (IR) laser technology can trigger the perimeter detection system the moment a criminal crosses the boundary. Tying your perimeter detection system into a larger alarm system can help quickly notify authorities of a breach. The alarm can be a silent notification, sent via text message or email to your security team, or it can be audible in an effort to scare the criminal away.

Using perimeter motion detectors in concert with other devices can be a great security solution.

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Door Monitoring Systems Can Help Prevent Crime in Philadelphia

Another way to prevent a crime from occurring at your business is with a CSi door monitoring system. Including door monitoring with your intrusion detection system installation can be an effective measure in locating criminals that make it past your perimeter security. When a criminal attempts to open a door, your security team will be immediately notified. Each door has a designated location signature, so your security team will know exactly which entry point to investigate.

Door monitoring systems do not account for all entry points, however. Installing glass break sensors at all windows can serve as an added layer of security in detecting unwanted entry. Integrating these devices with alarms during intrusion detection system installation is a cinch with CSi on your side.

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Reduce Reaction Times and False Alarms

Trusting the best security camera installers in Philadelphia is also trusting the best intrusion detection installers in the tri-state area – the CSi team.

CSi operates differently than the average commercial security company. Rather than installing security equipment and leaving you to figure out the rest, we are true partners in securing your business, providing continued support to help you realize the full extent of your system’s capabilities.

Using our intrusion detection systems can help make your security team’s response more efficient. CSi can program your intrusion detection software to differentiate between an actual threat and an animal on your property, thus reducing false alarms.

Like our intrusion detection systems in Delaware County PA, we can train all designated employees on your system so they understand how it works and how to use it to your business’s advantage.

Let's get started.

For the best intrusion detection systems in Philadelphia, contact CSi. We will show you the difference comprehensive security services make in protecting your people and property.