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Intrusion Detection Systems in Carbon County, PA

Superior Perimeter Detection Systems

The Best Intrusion Detection Systems in Carbon County, PA

No matter the purpose or size of your business, a security system plays a crucial role in keeping your people and property safe. Establishing and maintaining a company is no easy task, making it that much more important to protect your investment.

At CSi, we help secure businesses throughout the Lehigh Valley and beyond. One of the best ways to deter crime, protect assets and data, and give your employees peace of mind is with intrusion detection systems. With CSi, intrusion detection systems in Carbon County, PA are easily designed, installed, integrated, and maintained to realize a substantial return on investment.

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What We Offer

When looking for intrusion detection systems, our service and installation is second to none. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from trusting CSi with your intrusion detection system installation.

Minimum operational costs

Maximum security
Prevention of security threats
Easy integration into existing security systems

Adaptability for future security improvements

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Perimeter Detection is the First Line of Defense in Carbon County, PA

Detecting an intruder at the perimeter of your property buys valuable response time for your security team or local law enforcement. The most effective intrusion detection systems include perimeter motion detectors. These devices can sense when an individual touches a fence or attempts to climb over perimeter walls. When one of these actions occurs, your system will send a notification to you and your security force or can alert the local authorities directly. Perimeter detectors can also be programmed to activate audible devices, which sound a loud alarm to scare off the intruder.

Integrating security camera installation in Carbon County, PA allows you to verify a threat in real-time when your intrusion detection system is activated. Many security companies offer perimeter detection and perimeter motion detectors, but only industry leaders like CSi offer integration of other security systems.

Furthermore, should an individual make it past your perimeter, it is important to have door monitoring systems and glass-break sensors in place to alert the authorities to the exact location of a security breach at your building.

Our Door Monitoring Systems in Carbon County, PA Keep a Close Eye on Your Assets

Fire code generally requires a certain number of doors to each building and requires some to be secured. Monitoring these entry points can be difficult, especially if you have a large building with many rooms. How can you be sure a door is not propped open or just did not close all the way without a visual inspection?
For some companies, the answer is access control, but for others these systems can be cost prohibitive or not flexible enough to suit their needs. This is where door monitoring systems are beneficial.

Set automatic alerts for specific actions or times, like a propped door to a room with sensitive information during a time in which your business experiences peak traffic or an otherwise locked door opening in the overnight hours. The sensors can also be configured to alarm authorities accordingly.   >> Download Intrusion Detection PDF

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Our systems take the guesswork out of locating a security breach, making response timelier and more effective. When you want a security solution unique to your business, CSi can design and install custom intrusion detection systems that fit your budget. Call us today to get started.