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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best security system for a business?

This is a subjective question and the answer could vary depending on the situation, the business, and what you would define as the greatest return on investment for your business. Generally, wireless intrusion systems might be best overall, as they have come a long way in the security industry and especially in terms of dependability.  Having a system that covers perimeter entryways combined with glass break sensors and motion detectors will give you the best value for your money.

What are the three types of access control?

Boiling this down to the basics, the following list is in the order of simplest to most elaborate access control systems.

  1. The first form of access control would be your basic locksets that restrict entry to individuals with keys to that lockset. The downside is that keys can be lost or duplicated, and rekeying can be expensive and often frequently needed.
  2. The next form of access control would be a localized form of electronic access control utilizing either electric strikes, magnetic locks, or electrified hardware on a door.  Access would be controlled by a standalone keypad. The disadvantage to this form of access control is each door lock needs to be configured physically at the door, and, in the event of disabling access to someone, this could take some time depending on the number of access points.
  3. The next form of access control would be a card access control system that utilizes a centralized database and connectivity to all access control points. Access cards, keypads, and biometrics can be utilized based on security needs. This form of access control offers the greatest flexibility along with the ability
How does an access control system work?

Access control systems work by installing electrified locksets and hardware on the chosen doors.  Unlocking of these electronically controlled doors can be accomplished by one or all the following devices: a proximity card reader, keypad, or biometric device.  A user will be issued a credential, numeric code, or register their fingerprint and/or iris for biometrics. The access control system will then keep track of these credentials and create an audit trail.  Users can also be limited to access based on time and day of the week and even number of uses.

Why is access control important? What are the benefits of access control?

Access control is important for many reasons but some of the key reasons and benefits are listed below:

  1. Authorized users can be tracked by when and where they entered an access-controlled point.
  2. Authorized users can be limited to times, dates and which point they are allowed access to.
  3. Keys will no longer be needed except in rare occasions when there is a malfunction but access to keys should be restricted to key personnel.
  4. In the event that someone leaves the organization, you can remove their access rights to the facility without having to rekey all locks they had access to.
  5. Doors can be scheduled to automatically unlock at certain times allowing access to certain areas.
  6. In the event of active shooter or other situation that requires lockdown of doors then this can be easily accomplished through a centralized access control system.