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Access Control Systems in Carbon County, PA

Our Access Control Specialists Can Help Your Business

The Best Access Control Systems in Carbon County, PA

Some businesses may wonder if access control systems are worth the investment. Access control is one of the most effective ways of tracking traffic in and out of your building, thus creating a safer work environment. At CSi, we have experienced access control specialists who can help you add the necessary devices to your business. Here’s how access control systems in Carbon County, PA can benefit you and your employees.

Keep reading to learn how access control system integration can help your business.

What We Provide

We offer a variety of security systems in Carbon County PA with services like security camera installation in Carbon County PA, intrusion detection system installation, license plate recognition installation and training, and more. CSi’s access control systems are designed to provide the following:

 Minimum cost


 Maximum safety

 Flexible solutions

 Scalable solutions

 Adaptability for future integrations

access control systems carbon county pa

Access Control Improves Security in Carbon County, PA

Those who are unfamiliar with access control may not understand how it works. CSi’s access control specialists will visit your business and determine the areas that would benefit from access control devices. This might be in the warehouse or in another room that contains valuable and sensitive information, like a data server room.

Once those areas are identified, devices like proximity readers, keypads, biometric scanners, mag locks and more are installed. Where appropriate, keycards or passcodes are given to your employees. Only those with proper credentials can access sensitive rooms. These are typically high-tier employees like your management team or individuals who need to work with the assets or information directly.

Access control systems improve security by keeping a detailed record of entry and departure records; date and time stamps along with identifying information are logged. If a crime occurs, the system will be able to tell you who was in the room at that time. In instances where a keycard was stolen and used by an unauthorized individual, a video surveillance system helps verify the claim.

Access control is also effective in keeping unwanted traffic out of certain areas within the building. For example, in retail or grocery stores, it is helpful in keeping wandering customers from stock rooms and employee break rooms with lockers. In hospitals or other healthcare facilities, it is important to restrict visitor access from areas with sick patients, lab equipment and dangerous chemicals, and patient record rooms. By limiting, you are improving overall security and likely also reducing theft and accidents.

Limiting traffic also helps promote a safer work environment because only trusted individuals will be able to enter your building. In an emergency like an intruder on campus, doors can automatically lock simply by pressing a button or activating them on a mobile or desktop application. In a fire emergency, the fire alarm system can trigger all doors to automatically unlock for a swift, safe escape. In the event of a power outage, you access control system can be programmed to operate the same, so no one has to fumble for keys when time is of the essence.

access control specialists carbon county pa

We Can Offer Access System Integrations in Carbon County, PA

One of the easiest ways to make your commercial security systems in Carbon County, PA more effective is through access system integrations. Access system integrations involve the careful implementation of access control devices into existing security systems by CSi access control specialists.

For a new building or one without an existing security system, the CSi team is able to design and install a new, custom access control system. We also offer continued maintenance and service to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

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For seamless access system integrations in Carbon County, PA, trust the experts at CSi. We have the experience, knowledge, and high-quality technology to make access control integration easy and successful in your business. Call us today for a custom security package.